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God’s Eternal Word-4-14-2016 AM


A Wee BIG Man-4/3/2016 AM

Passion’s End Game– 3/27/2016 AM

Passion Week-3/20/2016 AM

Zechariah Chapter 2-3/20/2016 PM

Spiritual Pacemaker-3/6/2016 AM

I Have Overcome the World-2/28/2016 AM

Zechariah intro & Ch. 1-2/28/2016 PM

Be Careful How You Speak-2/21/2016 AM

The Perfect Mate-2/14/2016 AM

A Call to Worship-2/7/2016 AM

Fast Food Jesus-1/31/2016 AM

The Heart of a Preacher-1/24/2016 AM

Nahum chapter 1-1/24/2016 PM

What did the Tree ever do to You, Jesus-1/17/2016 AM

God’s Random Arrow-1/10/2016 AM

Habakkuk’s prayer (Chapter 3)-1/10/2016 PM

The Road to Hope-1/3/2016 AM