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Our Location:

P.O. Box 1356
1627 US Highway 19 & 6
Meadville, PA 16335

For GPS: Corner of Black Rd and US Highway 19

Please Contact us:
(814) 337-2232

3 thoughts on “Contact Us!!!

  1. Dear Concern & Generosity Brethren at North Meadville Church of Christ,

    Godly greetings to every one of you beloved brethren from the high and holy name Almighty God Jesus Christ. How are you again brethren? I wish and pray this report and request of help that you are understanding again after you reading. I am still looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of my faith despising the shame Hebrew 12:2.

    Brethren, I continue doing my best full time for the work of God here, especially for preaching the Gospel of Christ to the people need to be saved their soul and continue helping the work here to be successful. And also we have many schedule for Bible Studies to our new contacts to the different places. But the devil destroying to discourage and insistence falling down to stop doing my work for for the Lord. Because of have many kind of heavy problems for continue experiencing of our suffering and difficulties to my family are very lack of needs using to continue doing for the work of God. As I said in my previous email all the members here are very poor and they are also experiencing of hardship situation now. So, our contribution per month total is only budget to buy for the needs to our congregation. And also the church here they cannot afford to support me and my family. And also even for pay our monthly rent in our meeting place using in our Sunday Service cannot afford to pay. But even many kinds of heavy trials in life serving for the Lord and also we have very lack of needs for support. I cannot give up for doing the work of God. And I am still doing my best sacrificing for Preaching the Gospel of Christ and I am still always trust in God.

    Brethren, I sending to you our total minimum financial monthly needed support. We are having seven members to my family. And we are still renting a house here at the Center at Baguio City. And we are stay and living here at Summer Capital of the Philippines. Here in our country Philippines now are experiencing our train law all of our prices are increases to our prime commodities, especially here in our place Baguio City. All of our prices to our prime commodities here are big increase and we are very expensive our commodities, especially our oil price is higher than to any places here in country Philippines. Truly, we are cannot afford now to buy all our daily needs to my family and we cannot afford to pay all our obligation for our monthly bills. Because of our monthly receiving support right now is very very lack to catch up for buy all our daily needs and for pay all our monthly bills. Please! Kindly see and reading our financial monthly budget needs. Below the breakdown for our monthly financial needed support (Budgeting and Finance).

    * House rent each month———————————–(P 12,500.) ($250.)
    * Foods 7 members (P50 x 7=P350 x 3=P1,050.x 30=(P31,500.)$($630.)
    * Water, Electric. PLDT and other monthly bills total.——(P7,500.) $ ($150.)
    * Preaching Mat./ Trav. Expenses—————————(P5,000.) $ ($100.)
    * Education of our Childrens——————————-( P8,750.) $($175.)
    * Maintenance Medicines/ Doctors fee & Hospital bills-(P5,000.) $ ($100.)
    * Miscellaneous————————————————(P3,750.) $($ 75.)
    * Other daily needs——————————————–(P2,500.) $($ 50.)

    Total minimum for needed support—–(P 76,500.) Dollars ($1,530.)

    Brethren, As you can see in our total needed minimum Budgeting in Finance. We are very needed monthly support total of ($1,530.) One thousand five hundred thirty dollars support per month. I have already receiving ($400.) monthly support from the Church at Tennessee. And I have receiving monthly support ($150.) from the two individual sisters at Long View Texas USA. The total receiving monthly support ($550.) per month.This total monthly receiving support are very greatly lack for our monthly budget needs to my family and using for the work of God here. So, we are very needed more ($980.) Nine hundred Eighty dollars additional support per month for budget our needs to my family and using for preaching the Gospel of Christ and continue helping the work of God here to grow.

    Brethren, One added in our heavy problem is about our house rent per month.Yesterday afternoon come to me again the owner of this house and he said to me. He anger saying said to me must better forcing us to removing and leaving us of this house if we cannot pay our monthly rent.Truly, I am already very very ashamed to him because of this 5 months debt rent. And also we are very worried and lonesome, because we don’t know how to solve and where we are getting URGENT ($870.) for pay our balance debt rent. That amount in our Philippines money is (P 43,500.) Forty three thousand five hundred pesos.Please! Kindly help me for this greatly problem. And including us also in your monthly budget support.

    Brethren, We are need also your financial help, concern, sympathy, encouragement and also your favorable response for this needed of help please!!! We are very needed ($980.) monthly additional budget support. Or we are very need one time gift benevolence help ($870.) for pay our 5 months debts rent to our house please!!! Thank you very much for your any mount that you can afford to sending for this request of help will be greatly and Godly appreciated.The Grace of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ always be with you all brethren in Christ abundantly! That he who love God, love his brother also 1 John 4:21.

    P.S Brethren, If you are want and willing to considered my request. I give you some idea how to send money here in our country Philippines. So that easy to received and have no big problem and not longer to arrived here. Kindly choice one of this two company Money gram or Western Union. And also forward to me all the information that I need to received here. Full name of the sender and the total amount that you sending and also the 8 digits pin number.

    Please! And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto the household of faith Galatians 6:9-10. Please! Kindly support me and my family using to continue doing work for the Kingdom of God. I hope and pray God open your mind and touching your richly heart for helping to my request of support. Thanks and God more help and Bless you all brethren in Christ!!!

    Rosendo Gumpad Jr. & Family
    Preacher at Ambiong Church of Christ
    2600 Baguio City, Philippines

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