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How to be a Hero of Faith-12/27/2015 AM

Habakkuk 2-12/27/2015 PM

Take Time to Be Holy -12/20/2015 AM

The Bet-Ab of God- The story of Redemption-12/13/2015 AM

Looking Through the Eyes of God- Habakkuk 1-12/13/2015 PM

God’s Game of Heads or Tails- Deuteronomy 28 13-14-12/06/2015 AM

Let it Grow -11/22/2015 AM

The Grand finale (Amos 8 and 9)-11/22/2015 PM

He Who Overcomes-11/15/2015 AM

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall- Are you Useful after all-11/8/2015 AM

Amos the Intercessor (Amos 7)-11/8/2015 PM

What’s a servant that’s not serving?-10/25/2015 AM

Seek the Lord and Live (Amos 6)-10/25/2015 PM

Acts and the Kingdoms- Essentials in the Kingdom- 10/11/2015 AM

Acts and the Kingdom- Problems to Providence-10/4/2015 AM

Prepare to meet your God (Amos 4)-10/4/2015 PM

Acts and the Kingdom- A Chosen Instrument-9/27/2015 AM

Acts and the Kingdom- The Road to the New Name -9/13/2015 AM

Acts as it Relates to the Kingdom- Samaria (Providence and Evangelism)    -9/6/2015  AM

Judgments of Israel (Amos 2 6-16) -9/6/2015 PM

Acts and the Kingdom- What’s in a Name (Acts 3-7) – 8/30/2015 AM

Acts and the Kingdom- Pentecost

Acts and the Kingdom- Thy Kingdom Come -8-9-2015 AM

Golden year Living- Don’t Wait to Live – 7-26-2015 AM

Golden Year Living- How is Your Retirement? -7/19/2015 AM

Golden Year Living- What have You Earned? -7/12/2015 AM

Stay off the Rooftop-7/5/2015 AM

God’s Game Plan- Team equipment-6/28/2015

Father’s Day- Our Dads Rock (Partial Recording)-6/21/2015 AM

Joel-6/21/2015 PM

God’s Game Plan- Team Relationships (Partial Recording)-6/14/2015

God’s Game Plan- Team Logo (No Recording)-5/30/2015

God’s Game Plan- Team Chemistry-5/24/2015 AM

God’s Game Plan- The Captain-5/17/2015 AM

Malachi 3-4 -5/17/2015 PM

Mother’s Day- Handprint of Love-5/10/2015 AM

God’s Game Plan- God’s All-Star Team – 5/3/2015 AM

Malachi Chapter 2 -5/3/2015 PM

God’s Game Plan- God’s All-star Coach (ch. 1) -4/26/2015 AM

A New Birth-4/19/2015 AM

Malachi- Chapter 1-4/19/2015 PM

50 Days with Nehemiah -4/12/2015 AM

Passion Week-4/5/2015 AM

The Attitude of a Servant-3/29/2015 AM

Who’s Your Jonathan– 3/22/2015 AM

Malachi- Introduction-3/22/2015 PM

Read your Bible and Pray everyday– 3/15/2015 AM

The Body of Christ- We Need You-3/8/2015 AM

The Stages of Jonah-3/8/2015 PM

Out With the Old and in the New-3/1/2015 AM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Climb the Mountain-2/22/2015 AM

God’s Final Plea- Hosea 12-14-2/22/2015 PM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Look up to the Hills-2/15/2015 AM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Turn to the Church -2/8/2015 AM

Hosea 6-11- Where does your loyalty lie?-2/8/2015 PM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Re-Plant the Seed -2/1/2015 AM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Improve Your Serve-1/25/2015 PM

Hosea 4&5- No Knowledge of God-1/25/2015 PM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Count Your Blessings-1/18/2015 AM

When Mountains Won’t Move- Embrace Weakness -1/11/2015 AM

Faithfulness in the Midst of Unfaithfulness- Introducing Hosea-1/11/2015 PM

When Mountains Won’t Move- The Rockies of Faith-1/4/2015 AM