Forgiveness is God’s Miracle!

I know what many say about miracles, what people call miracles today are not really that. I agree in most cases, I felt compelled to call forgiveness a miracle because it is God’s way of healing things that are so broken, it almost seems like a miracle is needed for them to be healed. For those who have felt the power of true forgiveness, even when one does not deserve it, miracle is the only word that comes to my mind.

So where do I begin, I have wronged so many in my past, I have been wronged so many times, I will not begin anywhere, but I will start from everywhere. Life is full of mistakes, that can shape who we are, either negatively or positively, it is up to each and every person to decide how they respond to life. I, did not start off they way I have ended up, I am still not where I want to be. Forgiveness is an art, it is a well developed, methodical decision that we must choose. Nobody can forgive for us, so we must do it. How? How can we be hurt so bad, made fun of for so long, and felt like an outcast in life, forgive those who have hurt us the worst? My journey began, when I was forgiven. You see I could go into all the times a person has hurt me over and over again but it would not compare to the damage I have done to others. Many people see me as a nice person, but not all were fooled by the mirage I had placed around my true intentions and actions. You see, I was a coward, I attacked from the shadows, I blamed others, I intentionally did things that nobody would ever know who did it; but it would make it all the worse when the damage was done. You see for me to truly forgive others, I needed to know what forgiveness felt like, the burden that is lifted, the fresh breath of air that forgiveness brings, it is almost magical. I needed God. You see, I did not need every single person who I had ever done something wrong to forgive me (even though I hope one day they will), I needed a forgiveness that was going to do so much more than just clear my conscience, I needed forgiveness that was going to shape the rest of my life. Only God’s forgiveness can do this, only the power of the blood of Jesus Christ could heal my wounds. I now have purpose, I now have a reason to no longer be that coward to hurt people, I now have the strength to help and show others the same forgiveness that was allotted me.

God taught me so many lessons through His forgiveness. He taught me, that most times, people really do not deserve forgiveness but it is not about deserving it, it is about compassion, grace, and mercy. For me to be the bigger man, to be a bridge between the hurt that people have caused and the healing that can be done.

Do you see why for me, forgiveness has been a miracle? The past no longer has control of my life, the bitterness and pain of life, no longer has a sting. I can live a life of pure devotion to God, because I now live a life that is not tied down by sorrow and pain.

Sometimes I forget this lesson, sometimes I revert back to my old ways of wanting to get even, instead of trying to mend a relationship. Today, I read an article by a dear brother in Christ, that has pierced my soul, I thank him for that. Forgiveness is better than holding on to the anger and pain, reaming angry all the time, forgiveness is the only way to begin anew. God has the power to change lives. I could not truly forgive, until I understood what forgiveness was for, it is for the benefit of both parties. Pain leaves holes in both the one caused the pain and the one who was hurt, the hole can be filled.

Think about those whom you have hurt or have hurt you, use forgiveness as a bridge of healing and mending what has been broken, once you begin, you will not want to turn back.

I hope this encourages you, as it has me.

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