The Cost of Discipleship many times in life, we forget about many of Jesus’ teachings, not intentionally but there are many sayings and teachings of Christ. I think we can all agree that it can be summed up with, “Pick up your cross and follow me.” Jesus being pretty serious about His love and devotion to God the Father, wanted His followers to have the same attitude. The beatitudes were not a list of “if you can add some of these” it was a list of must haves for the mind and heart of the disciple of Christ. We get so caught up in everyday life, we can soon forget, that everyday life should be walking the disciple life, the Christian life. Why are we here? What are we doing? What are we willing to give up, for the cause of Christ. The cost of discipleship is more than just counting the cost but actually living the sacrificial lifestyle. What are we sacrificing, if anything at all? If we are not sacrificing anything, than is our faith and walk in the light, really a walk, or is it just a “pit-stop” on our road through life? I feel these questions need to be asked, they need to challenge us, they need to make us live for Christ and not our own gain in this world. If you are always giving the excuse of, not enough time, to tired, to busy, maybe later, it’s too hard, etc… I would challenge you to think, if you have actually picked up your cross yet, or is it still laying down on the ground, getting dusty, waiting for your “life” to not be so busy, so it can actually get picked up and carried once again. Please this is a serious thought this morning, analyze your life and your motives, are you living for Christ?

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