The Battle is Won

The Battle is Won by Jesse Nelsen

“The Battle is waging
the war is not won,
the enemy is raging
to take down the Son.

He thought he had won
When the Son closed His eyes,
But when the 3rd day was done
The Savior did rise.

When that day came
The people drew near,
Because of their shame
God they did fear.

The people shouted what shall we do
How can we make our life anew,
The answer they heard was nothing new
Repent and be baptized and follow through.

The victory was set
Jesus had won,
The devil’s fate was met
Because of the Son.

The plan was complete
That was made so long ago,
The devils’ defeat
And now it is so.

It wasn’t much a fight
Because of the Son,
He is God’s light
the battle is won!”

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