Are You Spiritually Tanning?

Studies show that tanning, is horrible for a person’s skin. It can cause skin cancer and can have many more side-affects. So why do people continue to tan? Well, as some reports have shown, some say, “the risk is well worth it.” Wait, what? Having unnatural skin color because it makes you feel more comfortable is worth the risk? I, myself, still do no understand why people do it,  but I do know why they choose to do so. They think tanning makes them look better and it makes them feel more comfortable.

I would propose to you, that there are people who are spiritually tanning. Those who want people to think that they are one thing, when really they are not. They try to get people to see a side of themselves that is really not their natural color. I ask the same question as to those who tan, why do people “spiritually tan”? I have found that the answer remains the same, it makes people feel better and it makes them more comfortable. They do not want their fellow brothers and sisters and Christ to see their true colors because they know they would not be accepted. They live a double life, at church they are “church folk”, but when they are away from their church family, they are an entirely different individual. They “spiritually tan.”

God does not call us to be “Christ-like” around those who are Christ-like He calls us to be Christ-like no matter where we are and who we are around. A Christian does not need to try and “tan” to make people think they are something when they are not, because the true, genuine Christian will be the same always. We need to live a life of holiness and walking in the light, not a life that appears to be holy. We do not need to change our colors but we want to reveal our natural colors because as John would say, we are born of God. Why would we want to alter our natural color? Let’s get out of our spiritual tanning booths and let’s stop trying to fool people, but let’s actually be the children of God, God calls us to be.

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